Why does your child dislike reading?


It’s common for kids to roll their eyes at a parent’s suggestion to read a book. You might hear that reading is too boring, too difficult, or not one of their favorite activities. Let’s break this down and find a way to instill a love of reading in young children!

1. Be curious and learn from them

Instead of pushing your child to read, talk to them, and find out why they are reluctant to read. Some guiding questions could be: “What do you not like about reading?” “Which books do you like the most?” “What does reading remind you of? Why?” Their answers will likely help you identify the issue.


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2. Let them choose

Sometimes children find it difficult to choose a book they like or aren’t provided enough choices. Take them to the library or bookstore or look through the books they already have to pick out their favorites. On the LionStory website, you can flip through the pages to find out if your child likes seeing themselves in a book!


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3. Lead by example

The importance of demonstrating good habits is so underrated! But let’s face it — kids mimic our behavioral patterns. So, if you spend the evening in front of the TV, they’ll most likely do the same. Set a specific time and day of the week to dedicate to reading together. Choose a nice cozy spot (we already feel comfortable just imagining it!) and enjoy the shared reading time.


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4. Support and guide

Your child might hate reading because they’re not reading as fast as their peers, or because you correct every other word they read! Instead, try reading to them first, then let them read to you. Be patient and kind. After all, they’re just beginning to learn.

With time and assertive communication, you will start to learn your child’s reading patterns and preferences and form an enjoyable, lasting habit as well!




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Why does your child dislike reading?