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Personalized birthday books

Treat the little person in your life to an extra special gift on their birthday this year with a personalized book! Not only will your child love having a book featuring themselves as the main character but they’ll also get to go on an exciting adventure and meet a whole host of new friends.

At Lion Story, our personalized books not only feature the birthday boy or girl as the hero of the story, but we’ll even include a photo of them at the back to ensure that this is one gift they’ll never forget.

What better birthday gift..


  • What is a personalized book?
    A personalized book is a story that’s been edited to feature your child as the main character! As well as witnessing their storybook-self going on a whirlwind adventure and discovering all sorts of cool things, our books also feature a photo of the recipient for that extra touch.
    Personalized birthday books for children are the perfect gift for toddlers and preschoolers alike! They give children the opportunity to either read alone or enjoy bonding time with a parent or sibling who can read to them.
  • How do I make a personalized story book?
    Making a personalized story book is the easy part - we’ll do all of the hard work for you! Simply select your preferred storybook and personalize the character with your child’s name and features so that it looks just like them. Once you’ve entered in the personalization details, we’ll print the story and send it straight to your door.
  • What are personalized birthday books about?
    You can find personalized birthday books about a whole range of fun and interesting topics. Whether you would like to offer a book about your child’s favorite topics or help them to learn something new, we’ve got something to offer.
    At Lion Story, you can find personalized books for toddlers and kids about the beach, robots, and lots of interesting characters.
  • What are the best personalized books for kids?
    The best personalized books for kids are those that feature your child as the main character. Whilst some books offer the option to simply feature your child’s name on the cover, others will create a story using a character who looks exactly like your child to take the reader on an adventure with them.