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Personalized book for toddlers

1 – 4 years
Excellent 4.5 out of 5

Spectacular book for little explorers featuring 22 different animals and things they do in fun rhymes.

Remarkable animal book for toddlers

Who can cuddle like a puppy? Your child can!

Peek inside the world of animals and build a connection with this fun animal action book!
Animal action book for toddlers
  • Bright and lively illustrations on each page
  • Contains 22 animals from different geographic areas
  • Encourages letter recognition
  • Helps with developing communication and motor skills
  • Celebrates the many things your little one can already do
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Develop early literacy and language skills
Your little one will love learning about animals while building their language and reading skills with short words and simple sentences. This book helps foster image and word recognition as well as speaking and motor skills.
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Foster early development

Look and repeat
Follow the prompts and have fun repeating animal actions and sounds.
Empathy improvement
Emotional immersion in a book helps to increase the level of empathy, which is a core skill for raising emotional intelligence.
Safe and engaging
Large, vivid illustrations and thick pages perfectly designed for toddlers.

Designed to develop literacy skills

Explore the world of animals
Discover adorable and brightly illustrated animal characters from pets to farm animals and jungle fauna. Each animal is labeled to develop word and picture association. Different actions for your child to try are also suggested.
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Who will your child meet?
Lion Puppy Cat Dolphin Fish Monkey Farmyard birds Snail Grasshopper Dragonfly Ant Fox Elephant Giraffe Cow Pig Sheep Frog Rabbit

Take a look inside

At LionStory, we make sure our books are perfect in every aspect from cover to cover, giving attention to every little detail.
1 / 5
What can you do?
1 – 4 years
26 pages
8.5 x 8.5 inches
Softcover, Hardcover
Award-winning books
A 2020 Mom's Choice Award winner.
print quality
Our books are printed on thick 150 gsm gloss paper that makes the colors look extremely vivid and feels good to touch.
Beautifully illustrated from cover to cover
Full-size illustrations on every page create a colorful world full of little details that will grab their attention.