Preparing the brushes Mixing paint Adding sunny weather Choosing a good angle Photographing the hero for the preview Training the delivery guy to smile Putting the crabs in their places Programming the robot for friendship
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Crab Island

Crab Island

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4 — 12 years
4 — 12 years
Send your child on a seaside summer adventure as they save the day
Embark on a summer mission with your child to help out newfound island friends. Your kids will jump into this story to enjoy some fun in the sun, skip waves, and build sand structures, while a whole gang of seaside inhabitants wriggle and crawl around the beach. Their mission will be to help everyone stay safe and have fun along with new summer beach friends. Together with some salty creatures who help save the day, your child will learn how to reach out to friends and keep the beach a safe, fun, summer spot to hang out and play at!

Product Details

  • Cover
    High-quality hardcover book
  • Size
    8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Pages
    30 full-color pages
  • Age
    Great gift idea for children ages 4 - 12
  • Printed
    Printed in the USA

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I’ve ordered 2 books from here and I’ve...
I’ve ordered 2 books from here and I’ve loved them all. The perfect children’s gift, literally!
Rick Clover, in 6 days
Truly unique gift
Easy to create, high quality and personal. Truly unique gift!
Samantha James, 1 month ago
Great book on emotions
I love the story regarding emotions. The book is perfect for teaching small children about their emotions.
Jennifer, 1 month ago
Grandchildren are happy so am I!!
My grandchildren love reading their names and being a part of the story, although, the delivery took longer than expected
Caleb, 2 months ago