Preparing the brushes Mixing paint Adding sunny weather Choosing a good angle Photographing the hero for the preview Training the delivery guy to smile Putting the crabs in their places Programming the robot for friendship
My Friend Robot

My Friend Robot

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4 — 12 years
4 — 12 years
Turn your child into a hero on a fantastic robot mission
Your child’s robotic new adventure is about to launch as you power up their story through learning, making friends, and doing some homework, too. But unlike other kids, your child’s top interests are technology, robotics, and science, especially robots. A robot left over from a Mars mission joins your child in an exciting after-school robotics hobby club! Help your child discover what makes some robots truly different from others, and discover the curious ability the Mars android robot has for learning new things and relating to people. And that’s only the beginning of their electronically-powered robotic adventures!

Product Details

  • Cover
    High-quality hardcover book
  • Size
    8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Pages
    30 full-colour pages
  • Age
    Great gift idea for children ages 4 - 12
  • Printed
    Printed right here in the US
When you gift this book to your child, they become a contributor in our 10,000 Free children’s Book Project. Each sale enables us to add a new page to our free book collection

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