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Personalized Books for Toddlers

Reading is one of the very best activities that you can do with your toddler!

Not only do storybooks offer an easy and fun way to build your toddler’s communication skills, but they also allow you to spend quality time together whilst nurturing your child’s love of books. Developing your child’s interest in reading is something that will continue to offer them a place to find comfort and seek education throughout their entire lives.

Personalized books just make the experience even more fun…

After all, what’s better than listening to a story that features you as the main character? A character who spends their days discovering adventure at the beach and making robot friends!

At Lion Story, we pride ourselves on the love and attention that we pour into each and every one of our books. We’re as passionate about bringing books to your children as you are, and we hope that your child loves their personalized story!

Read on for our selection of personalized books for toddlers.

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  • What kind of storybooks are best for toddlers?
    When searching for the best book for the toddler in your life, you’ll want to consider the story, the images, and the interest factor!
    Not only will you want an easy-to-read book that will hold your toddler’s attention from start to finish, but you’ll also want your story to feature interesting images that they can look at whilst you read to them.
    The wonderful thing about Lion Story books is that the main character not only has your child’s name but has also been edited to look like your child! You can be sure that this is a book that will hold their attention…
  • What is a personalized book?
    A personalized book is a story that features the reader as a character in the book - ideally the main character! Our personalized books not only feature your child’s name and character throughout the story, but you can also upload a picture of your toddler to be included on the back page.
  • What are the best personalized books for toddlers?
    The best personalized books for toddlers are those that feature your toddler as the main character. Whilst some personalized books only include the child’s name on the front cover, others will weave a story led entirely by your child as the hero!
    Take a look at our selection of books to find the perfect personalized book for your toddler.
  • What age are personalized books for?
    Personalized books are great for newborns and teenagers alike! For those that can read, personalized books offer a fun story that takes your child on an adventure every time they read it. Whilst for younger children, personalized books are a fun and loving way for you to spend time with your baby or toddler whilst reading to them.