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Personalized books are amazing and meaningful gifts for your grandchildren

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Perfect gifts for your grandchildren

Create a personalized book that stars your grandchildren as the main heroes of fascinating stories.
There’s just something so special about a child seeing their name in a book. Can’t wait to read it over and over again!

The 3 incredible benefits of personalized books

Raising emotionally intelligent children is one of the best things you can do for them as a parent. Personalized books are a great tool to do this.
Empathy improvement
Emotional immersion in a book helps to increase the level of empathy, which is a core skill for raising emotional intelligence.
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Cognitive skills boost
Regular reading boosts your child's brain development and cognitive skills for consistent personal development.
Quality family time
Shared reading of a personalized book creates both a habit of reading for enjoyment and a special bond between parent and child, which are important for healthy relationships with others.
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Perfect gifts for your grandchildren

Choose the skin tone, eye color, and hairstyle of the main character
Your grandchild is pictured inside the book
Write a special dedication and add a photo to the back cover

The perfect gift for your grandchild

The variety of plots allows you to choose a gift that is suitable for both grandsons and granddaughters.
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Other stories to support
personal growth

How to make decisions and take responsibility
Crab Island
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Award-winning books
A 2020 Mom's Choice Award winner.
Premium print quality
Our books are printed on thick 150 gsm gloss paper that makes the colors look extremely vivid and feels good to touch.
Beautifully illustrated from cover to cover
Full-size illustrations on every page create a colorful world full of little details that will grab their attention.