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Looking for gift ideas for your grandchildren?

Personalized books are amazing and meaningful gifts for grandchildren from grandparents. A gift your grandchildren are sure to treasure for years to come.
My son Kendric loves it so dearly. I love that we were able to create a character that looks like him, and this makes the story extra special.

Perfect gifts for your grandchildren

Create a personalized book that stars your grandchildren as the main heroes of fascinating stories. The variety of plots allows you to choose a suitable gift for grandsons or granddaughters.
Perfect gift
Personalized character sticker
Choose the skin tone, eye color, and hairstyle of the main character
Your grandchild is pictured inside the book
Write a special dedication and add a photo to the back cover
Mom's choice awards

Crab Island

Send your child on a seaside summer adventure
Learn about taking care of the environment
$ 29.90
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My Friend Robot

Make friends with Om Nom from the famous Cut the Rope game
Learn about working together as a team
$ 29.90
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Mom's choice awards

Adventure With Om Nom

Turn your child into the hero of a fantastic robot mission
Learn about problem solving
$ 29.90
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Grandchildren are happy so am I!!
My grandchildren love reading their names and being a part of the story, although, the delivery took longer than expected
Caleb, a month ago
Awesome books, kid loves these & keep ask to read again & again!!!
Awesome books, my kid loves her personalized character. Highly recommend this book!
Rachna, a month ago
Pleasant to touch
The book is absolutely premium quality. Pleasant to touch cover and pages!
Susan Biery, 2 months ago
Great birthday gift!
I bought this book for my 6 year old niece as her birthday gift... she just loved it..
Angel Riff, 2 months ago
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Add a personal dedication and a photo to the back cover of your book. Create a memory your child will treasure for years.
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