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Personalized Birthday Cards for Kids

Birthdays are a wonderful celebration occurring once a year for a person. On this day it is custom that gifts and colorful cards. Leave in the past your run-of-the-mill shop-bought birthday cards!
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Personalized Birthday Cards
Add even more fun to a birthday gift with a free printable birthday card. Create a personalized birthday card for your child, and we’ll email it to you right away.
How is the card personalized?
Our birthday cards are personalized with your child’s name and avatar. Choose from 192 possible combinations to create your child's avatar. Select the name, sex, skin tone, eye color, and hairstyle that matches your child exactly.
How to download a personalized card
Fill in your email address, and we’ll send your birthday card as a PDF ready to be printed at home or a print shop.

You won’t have to spend time anymore in the search for the perfect congratulation. Our personalized greeting cards will give many vibrant impressions and positive emotions at any celebration. In our collection, you will find many images, graphics, and illustrations paired with a professional sample design of electronic cards for any event.

Choose the format and size of the card, finding the perfect match in between your ideas and the design. Through the aid of our service, you can create a postcard matching your taste; select a liked template, customize the color and fonts for the text. All sample images provided are high quality, professionally edited accordingly to your election, and rendered in forefront visual graphics. These lovable, original cards will uplift everyone’s mood and allow your child’s dreams and fantasies to come to life.

Before mailing companies were needed for the delivery of postcards but today with the benefit of electronic mail you can cheer your loved ones rapidly and promptly. Your congratulations won’t be lost and arrive right on time. Express your feelings through modern ways of congratulation. A special day deserves an equally special birthday card. Choose from hundreds of options as we offer a wide range of birthdays cards for children. Through our free printables open a world of their favorite characters; assist them on their wizarding journey in Hogwarts, be a princess on a royal ball or become the forefront players in that crucial match. Download colorful and memorable birthday cards, creating a truly remarkable atmosphere of festivity.

Do you want to congratulate your little one on his first year, the second, third….through the help of his favorite cartoonish heroes? All is possible! Presented variants differ through their simplicity, featuring cult superheroes from films and cartoons. A toddler’s birthday card requires additional care and detail. The card must be bright, colorful, and memorable. Easily recognized and at the same are capable of genuinely surprising the small birthday boy/girl. You can add inscriptions with sincere wishes and images of their beloved toys. The possibilities are limitless!

Additionally to making children’s birthday cards, you as well can request on our website custom-built books and tales where your child becomes the protagonist. The name of your kid is present both in the title and text of the book. You can pick the hair and eye color, so the main character is similar to your child. The book attracts with bright illustrations, a comfortable format, and large font. Fictionary tales will help to develop the character of your kid (helping them defeat their fears) and correct their behavior. It promotes the development of imagination, speech, and thinking. Parents and their kids will gain knowledge on solving problems in difficult situations, care for their environment, health, and other people. Experience first-hand the wildest of adventures as you and your child travel through the depths of tropic jungles or ancient pyramids in the space of a few pages. These books awaken interest in reading, develop their emotional intelligence, educate through games, fixate attention of the child and distract from gadgets.

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