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Ramadan limited offer: 35% OFF second book

Books For Ramadan

Family book (Arabic)
Introducing traditions of Ramadan
Family book (Arabic)
Family book
Family is where love grows, bonds strengthen, and memories are made. This book is for the most loved people who bring joy and happiness in the simple moments of life.
Introducing traditions of Ramadan
Introducing traditions of Ramadan
This engaging and interactive book takes young readers on a magical adventure, teaching them valuable lessons about empathy, gratitude, and the true meaning of Ramadan.
About Personalization:
Personalized books for kids are an exciting way to surprise them and express your love. Our personalized storybooks are beautifully illustrated with stories for kids ages 4-12. Our storybooks turn reading into a new favorite habit. When a child recognizes themselves in a book, message acquisition is enhanced, as they can directly associate themselves with the main character. Custom storybooks contribute to vocabulary development, improved reading skills, and imagination.
Our Personalized Storybooks:
Our stories for kids are exciting, kind, engaging and never boring. When a child opens a gift that includes their name and face, reading it becomes a whole new experience. A storybook about your child will teach them important real-world values and skills through reading. To personalize your child’s storybook even more, you may add a photo and dedication on the back cover.
Our Stories for Kids:
Crab Island   is a personalized book that takes children on a summer island adventure. They will discover inhabitants and help them with a real problem -- plastic waste and a friend in danger. In this beautifully illustrated custom storybook, children will find themselves being brave and responsible while having fun with seaside friends.
Robot Friend   takes a child on an unforgettable adventure. They will help a robot left over from a Mars mission learn how to assimilate in school and also show it how humans live. Along with teaching your child how to be understanding and kind, this story also encourages them to be curious about learning new things. It answers the question, “What really makes us different from robots?”