Best Gift Ideas For New Parents

Shopping for new parents can be overwhelming – there’s just so much to choose from!


The first and most important thing to do is consider the young parents themselves. Are they minimalist? Do they prefer thoughtful gifts to treasure for a lifetime? Or are they tight on cash and in need of something that will be really helpful to them during the newborn stage?


Once you’ve figured this out, you can draw on your own experience as a parent – and if you’re not a parent yet, you can always ask your friends what they would appreciate the most in their journey into parenthood!


With all of this figured out, your job just got much easier. And what’s more, we’ve chosen 9 of the very best gifts for new parents. There’s something here to suit every taste and budget, all you have to do is pick one.


Easy, right?!


Here are 9 of the best gift ideas for newborn parents.


Disclosure: The products included in this list are not sponsored or affiliated, and have been selected by our blog writer.


1.   Bookrest



This supportive cushion provides new parents with a place to prop their book, tablet, or magazine for easy hands-free entertainment!


During hours of feeding or holding the baby for a 3-hour long nap, this gift will become the most useful present that your new-parent friends have received yet.


2.   First Year Memory Book



Gift the new parents with a beautiful way to keep all of those special first-year memories recorded.


This first-year memory book is a great keepsake that can be used to record milestones as well the family’s favorite pictures to look back on throughout the years. The prompts included on each page work as a great reminder to note down the memorable dates and moments.


3. White noise machine


Myla the monkey is a white noise machine by VTech with all of the functions a baby could ever need! There are 5 ambient sounds, 5 gentle lullabies, and a built-in nightlight.


White noise machines are perfect for helping babies drift off to sleep, as well as block any noise from outside the sleep zone. This makes white noise machines the ideal gift for those that live on busy roads or have noisy pets that could wake the baby at any moment.


4. Storybooks



It’s suggested that we read to babies from the moment they enter the world. Reading helps language development, bonding, and can be a wonderful way to let little ones know that it’s time to go to sleep.


A set of books like this Peter Rabbit ‘My First Little Library’ is a great way to help new parents introduce their baby to the world of stories.


5. Postpartum tea



Postpartum tea is a great way to help new moms receive some of the essential nutrients that are lost during childbirth. And who doesn’t love a cup of tea as a much-needed invite to relax?


6. Subscription box



Subscription boxes are a wonderful way to treat both baby and parents to a monthly surprise. You can choose from boxes that supply mom with everything she needs to look after herself, a beer and a book for dad, or a baby gift/toy delivered every month to suit the baby’s developmental stage.



7. Swaddles



Arriving in the big world can be scary for babies! After all, they’ve just spent the last nine months inside a dark, cozy space listening to mom’s heartbeat 24/7. Swaddles are an easy way to comfort babies outside the womb.


These particular swaddles are incredibly easy to use and require no folding, tucking, or confusion!


8. Dockatot lounger


photo by DockAtot (not affiliated)


A baby nest might just be the best newborn baby gift. It provides a cozy surface for babies to sleep on from anywhere in the house. Baby nests can be used inside cribs, on the couch, on the floor, or on the kitchen counter!


With raised and cushioned sides, babies sleeping inside a nest will be comfortable as well as safe. Some parents claim that their babies sleep for twice as long when inside a baby nest – so Mom and dad might even be able to get a little extra sleep themselves…


9. The night sky poster



Night sky posters are very special. When creating a map of the night sky for new parents, simply enter the time and location of their baby’s birth and receive a framed image of what the night sky looked like at the exact time they were born.


A truly beautiful gift that will take pride of place in any home or nursery.


10. A helping hand



A helping hand is one of the very best presents for new parents. Though it might be one baby, it takes a village!


Here are a few ways that you can really help new parents save time, sanity, and navigate life with their new arrival.


  • Prepare a week’s worth of freezer food
  • Offer to look after older children overnight
  • Make a hot drink and some lunch for the new parents when you visit
  • Be on hand to babysit when mom needs a shower or nap
  • Offer to take the baby for a walk so that the new parents can sleep


Trust your gut and don’t fret! New parents will appreciate anything from this list. After all, it’s from you!

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Best Gift Ideas For New Parents

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