How to Choose the Right Books for Your Child’s Reading Level

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Selecting the correct books for your child is a crucial aspect in fostering their growth as a reader and their delight in books. Despite the difficulty in locating literature that aligns with their reading level and interests, putting in the extra effort and consideration can make all the difference in guiding your child to find books that will both challenge and inspire them.

Understanding Your Child’s Reading Level

The first step in this process is comprehending your child’s reading level. This level is determined by factors such as their age, prior exposure to books, and their capability to focus and understand what they read. A child’s reading level is a combination of their ability to decode words, comprehend their reading, and make connections between the text and their experiences.

Determining your child’s reading level can be done by observing them while they read, or through a reading assessment test, which many schools provide as part of their curriculum. Additionally, there are numerous online resources available to help you determine your child’s reading level.

The Importance of Matching Books to Your Child’s Level

With a clear understanding of your child’s reading level, you can now proceed to choosing books that are suitable for them. It is vital to choose books that are not overly difficult, as this can discourage your child from reading, but also not too easy, as this can restrict their growth as a reader.

When deciding on books, consider your child’s interests and the types of books they enjoy. Do they have a fondness for adventure stories, mystery novels, or animal tales? Do they prefer books with illustrations or those with more text? Knowing their preferences will help you choose books that they will enjoy and be motivated to read.

It is also crucial to choose books that are age-appropriate for your child. Children’s books are usually classified by age range, and utilizing these categories can assist you in selecting books that align with your child’s age and reading level. More information on how to choose the right books for your kids can be found in this article by Scholastic.

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Encouraging Your Child to Read

Having chosen the books, it’s now time to encourage your child to read. You can create a reading-friendly environment in your home, set aside time each day for reading, and make reading a daily routine for your family.

Furthermore, talk to your child about what they are reading. Ask questions about the books. Share your own love of books and reading with them. By integrating reading into your child’s daily life, you can help cultivate a lifelong love of reading and the development of a reading habit. We have a great article about encouraging the kids to read in our blog.


In conclusion, choosing the right books for your child’s reading level is crucial to their success as a reader. And their enjoyment of books. With effort and careful consideration, you can help your child find books that will both challenge and inspire them. Leading to a lifetime of reading pleasure.

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How to Choose the Right Books for Your Child’s Reading Level

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