Tips for Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

For a fact, no sibling duo is perfect and rivalry exists whether it is short-lived or lasts a long time. If you’re a parent of two or more children, the bitter truth is that you have to referee sibling rivalry quite often. In fact, trying to resolve siblings’ fights can make parenting a stressful and daunting experience.

Managing sibling relationships might be even more challenging when you have only two children. However, the correct parenting strategies and a deeper insight into rivalry meaning and causes help parents tackle such conflicts with ease.

So, if you’re a parent struggling with sibling jealousy and fights, you’ve got this! Read the article and learn the root causes of sibling fighting and how you can prevent them without much hassle.

What Causes Sibling Rivalry?

If you’re looking for ways to successfully deal with the challenges of brother and sister fighting, or sisters’ rivalry, you’re not alone. The first step, however, to resolve such feuds is to know what causes them. It’s the underlying root causes that determine the frequency and intensity of these fights. Also, they may be bigger than just fighting over the last piece of cake, or who will do the dishes.

In certain circumstances, it may simply be your split focus that makes your children envious, and they will compete for it. In others, it may just be a difference between their personalities. For instance, one may be calmer or more mischievous than the other, which gives rise to troubles in the family. Or, is it you favoring one child over the other?

Are You Tired of Playing Referee Between Your Kids Again?

Children tend to compete for your attention, time, and favor. This means you might struggle with keeping your family together if you are unable to satisfy your children. If you’re a parent of two or more, chances are that you’re already tired of playing referee between your kids.

It’s critical to focus on solutions rather than disputes to build a pleasant environment in your home. Acceptance of your children’s individual differences is also essential for family cohesion. Overall, make sure you’re addressing the issues that generate conflicts between your children so you don’t have to deal with them regularly. In the following section, we’ll discuss the tips for dealing with sibling rivalry.

In addition, instead of acting as a referee, you could attempt the following suggestions:

  • Relax, and understand these conflicts are normal.
  • Spend time with your kids and explain to them the significance of unity especially when they’re young learners.
  • Teach them how they’re both wrong on their parts.
  • Let them deal with sibling hatred syndrome on their own and reward them if they can pull it off peacefully.

Tips for Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

Here are some major tips to help you mediate sibling rivalry and help your children happily spend quality time with one another:

Listen to them Carefully

Children are less likely to indulge in fights if you listen to their sides of the story individually. Let every child know they’re being heard and that you respect their views. Be friends with them so they can vent to you to feel better.

Don’t Pick Sides

Every child deserves to be loved and has his or her reasons for the rivalry. You need to tell them they were wrong for getting into the fight. Make sure to not target any kid or make them feel like you’re favoring the other.

Preach about Sibling Rivalry Consequences

Similarly, it’s critical to tell your children that sibling rivalry will lead to nothing good. Also, persuade them that working together will benefit them in the long run. In addition, keep an eye out for adult sibling rivalry symptoms and advise them to work on them.

Wait till You Intervene

Don’t interfere the moment you see your children exchange blows. Wait for them to resolve it on their initiative and reward them if they succeed. Only when the argument turns into a heated one, try to politely subside their dispute.

Make Rules & declare punishments

First, try to provide them with problem-solving techniques. Next, make rules for your kids like no abuse, no name-calling, or physical violence. Then, praise or reward them when they live up to the rules. If not, punish them so they don’t repeat it.

Be an Exemplary Role Model

Children tend to follow their parents. If you’re aggressive, so will your children. Similarly, you being calm will help your children avoid fights and reconcile faster.

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Tips for Dealing With Sibling Rivalry