Creative ideas for reading with kids

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Sometimes conventional reading doesn’t work anymore. After all, children see so many colorful, loud, and vivid toys, ads, and cartoons around them which makes sitting still and dedicating their time to reading simply impossible, and most definitely boring in comparison. Bringing some fun into it can spice up their reading routine so that it becomes a new favorite activity! Let’s dive into creative ideas for making this happen.


1. Organize a small book club

Book clubs may sound “adulty” and even more boring than simply reading a book individually, but think about it in a different way. Kids love seeing their friends and playing. So, creating a book club in which your child and their friends can bring books and read them together and later on play thematic games sounds like so much fun! It’s worth noting that in the current situation, hosting an in-person book club might not be feasible, so hosting it online with presentations and interactive slides/games can replace in-person meetups quite well for now!


2. Play games that offer rewards

If your child doesn’t enjoy spending time with friends or simply doesn’t have many, playing games is still possible. Create interactive games and presentations based on the reading material. Later, reward them for correct answers or participation. This way they associate reading with something pleasant and fun.


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3. Watch them

Some of the storybooks are based on a cartoon or a movie, or the other way around. After reading it, watch the related cartoon or movie together. This way you can help your child visualize the reading material, connect it to their own thoughts (“How did you picture the character while reading? Did you imagine this place the same way while reading?”), and simply enjoy their time!


4. Order a personalized book

Reading a storybook in which the child is the main character is totally different from reading a book with a protagonistthat is not them (not worse, just different). This is why at LionStory we put such an emphasis on diversity. Our storybooks are highly customizable, which adds so much fun when reading (as if your child is living through the adventures).



These are just a few creative ideas for reading with children. What other activities or ideas do you participate in orwant to try? We’re very curious to learn from you as well! Leave your answer in the comment section below.


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Creative ideas for reading with kids

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