Tiny magic tricks to astonish kids at home

Do you need more ideas to entertain your children? Look no further, today we bring you this collection of magic tricks you can do at home.

If children’s magic is a topic that the little ones in your house are passionate about, you will love today’s article. We propose a list of some magic tricks that will leave everyone speechless.

To know how to do magic tricks for kids, you won´t need great professional artifacts. Just a few very basic props and a bit of practice before you get in front of your audience.

Easy magic tricks to do at home

A card trick

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For this magic trick, you only need a deck of cards. The poker ones are the most famous, but any deck could do.

At first glance, this is the trick for the spectators: The child chooses a card, then puts it back in the pile. Next, the magician shuffles the deck and, surprise! Finds the chosen card.

These are the steps you have to follow (and practice):

  1. The kid has to choose a card.
  2. Then you will have to put it back in the pile, on top, and face down.
  3. The magician will have to take the pile of cards with his left hand and will shuffle it with his right. The trick is that the magician has to place the right thumb on the chosen card, and the four fingers of the hand on the cards at the bottom of the pile. When you do this, when you remove your right hand with the cards as if you were going to shuffle them, the top card (the kid’s card) and the bottom of the pile will come out.
  4. You have to join both cards and put them under the pile as if you were shuffling them. If you get it right, the kid’s card will come second.
  5. Now, it only remains to shuffle the rest of the deck, but keep the last card, and the kid’s card in its place.
  6. To finish, you just have to take out the kid’s card, which will be right before the last card in the deck.

A trick with balloons

Image source: https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/155303887541809083/

We all know that balloons burst if you prick them with a pin. But the balloons of the wizards are magical. You just need balloons, pins, and a little bit of tape.

This is step by step.

  1. Blow up several balloons and have the pins handy. On the magician’s balloon stick a little tape in a discreet place.
  2. Give the balloons to some spectators and tell them to stick them with the pin that you have given to each one. They will all burst.
  3. So, when everyone is disappointed, take yours out, say the magic word, click on the heat zone, and surprise! It won’t burst.
  4. Important: for the trick to work, you cannot remove the pin from the balloon.

A trick with coins

Image source: https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/7036943157530324/
Image source: https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/168040629837275307/

For this magic trick for kids you will need a coin, a handkerchief, and a shirt that has pockets on the chest.

The trick is easy: you just have to show everyone the coin and the handkerchief, so that they can check that there is nothing strange about them.

When they are convinced, show the coin in one hand and cover it with the handkerchief in the other, and say the magic words again to start moving the handkerchief back and forth.

At a key moment, you pick up the coin with your handkerchief and very surreptitiously carry it to your pocket where you will drop it, and Magic! You show everyone how the coin has magically disappeared.

For the unbelievers, you show them the handkerchief everywhere and your empty hands.

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Tiny magic tricks to astonish kids at home