Animals You Can Make With A Toilet Roll

The crafts that we bring to the blog today are sure to excite animal lovers and environmentalists because today we are going to teach you animals you can make with toilet roll.

toilet paper roll animal crafts

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If you are wondering what to do with a roll of paper besides throwing it in the recycling bin, today we offer you these easy toilet paper roll animal crafts.

Teaching them from a young age the importance of caring for the environment is paramount, that’s why these toilet paper tube animals for children are a perfect activity to explain why we have to recycle and what we get with it.

To create these paper towel roll animals, the first thing you will have to do is accumulate as many toilet paper rolls as you can for several weeks. The more the better and if necessary, ask your neighbors to give you theirs.

Once you’ve amassed a good arsenal of paper rolls, it’s time to find out what other materials you need for these easy paper roll crafts.

If you want to know how to make a toilet paper roll giraffe or maybe you are thinking of a penguin toilet paper roll craft, don’t worry because we present several options for you to choose the ones you like the most.

So, in short, we only need paper rolls, paints, and cardboard to make many different animals. The body will always be the cardboard tube and, depending on the animal, we can make the rest of the body out of cardboard. With glue, we assemble the parts and then paint!

But let’s see some animals step by step.

The snake


toilet paper roll snakes


 – 1 roll of toilet paper

 – Color paints

 – 2 moving eyes or cardboard to draw them

 – Scissors and brush


1) First paint the roll in many different colors.

2) Then, when the paint has dried, cut the tube so it looks like a spiral.

3) And to finish, at one of the ends of the spiral, make small cuts to form the head and tongue of the snake and glue on the moving eyes or the ones you have drawn with cardboard.


The lion


toilet paper roll lion


 – Two cardboard rolls of toilet paper (one for the body and one for the head and tail)

 – Acrylic paint (tempera, finger paint…)

 – Googly eyes or cardboard to create them

 – Marker pen

 – Glue stick

 – Pair of scissors


1) Cut a part of the cardboard tube with the scissors making strips 1-1.5 cm wide and fold back, that will be the lion’s mane.

2) On the other roll draw and cut out the head and tail. Note that the head should be a circle slightly larger than the diameter of the roll so that it can stick to the other part without getting inside the body.

3) Paint with acrylic paint, tempera paint, finger paint… and decorate the face with moving eyes. Paint the snout with a marker.



The monkey


toilet paper roll monkey


 – 1 roll of toilet paper

 – Beige and brown paint

 – Cardboard

 – Wool or brown thread

 – 2 moving eyes

 – Marker pen

 – Glue and scissors

 – Wire


1) Paint the part of the face in the tube with beige.

2) Then paint the rest brown.

3) On the cardboard paint the ears and arms. Cut them out and glue them to the roll to form the monkey figure.

4) To finish, glue the yarn to the wire to make the tail. And then stick it to the tube.


The elephant


toilet paper roll elephant


 – 1 roll of toilet paper

 – Gray cardboard

 – Gray paint

 – 2 moving eyes

 – Glue and scissors


1) Paint the tube completely gray and cut out a semicircle at one end to form the elephant’s legs.

2) Then, on the cardboard, cut out the ears and trunk.

3) Glue everything onto the roll, including the googly eyes.


The zebra


toilet paper roll zebra


 – 1 roll of toilet paper

 – White cardboard

 – Black and white paint

 – Glue and scissors


1) Paint the tube white with black stripes.

2) On the cardboard, draw and paint the zebra’s head, and neck, legs and tail.

3) Finally, glue everything to the already painted tube.



The crocodile


toilet paper roll crocodile



 – 3 tubes of toilet paper

 – Green and white paint

 – 2 moving eyes

 – Glue and scissors



1) Paint the three tubes green. Each one will be for the different parts of the crocodile, head, body, and tail.

2) In one of the tubes, cut out the shape of the teeth, and in another the shape of the tail. Use what is left over from the third tube to make small triangles and four legs.

3) Join the three tubes with glue so that they are very firm.

4) Finally, glue the legs, the little triangles on the back, and the googly eyes.




The owl


toilet paper roll owl


 – Toilet paper rolls (one per owl).

 – Acrylic paint of the color we choose.

 – Color sheets.

 – Scissors and glue.

 – Punch to make circles (if we don’t have them we can always make them by hand with a mold).



1) The first step is to paint the toilet paper roll the color we want.

2) Make the legs, eyes, beak, and feathers with the cardboard.

3) Stick the pieces together with glue once the paint is dry.




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