This book teaches your child to be kind and responsible

An asian girl collects trash on the beach. On her left, there is a seashore with two crabs. In her hands, she has a plastic bag with plastic waste.


Meanwhile many books have a morale, LionStory book teaches to be kind and responsible. You might be asking, “What’s this book about?” We’ll tell you — it’s about being aware of one’s actions, caring for other living beings and be brave. Here are some key lessons from our storybook , Crab Island


1. Respect the environment

As the main character, your child begins an independent adventure on an island. There they face a situation that currently exists in the world: single-use plastic pollution. As you probably know, disposable plastic is a true challenge for the flora and fauna of many ecosystems. Our storybook shows this in a way that encourages your child to respect and appreciate nature and living creatures. Moreover, we believe that raising awareness from a young age is crucial! 


2. Show kindness towards others

Children are commonly possessive and unwilling to help others. Our book illustrates how helping others is an important aspect of social interaction with other living beings. We tend to overlook the ones who need us the most, and Crab Island is about exactly that—being kind and helpful to others. As a result, your kid will understand that helping and asking for help isn’t something to be ashamed of, or to even avoid. 



 3. Be responsible

We felt that creating a story in which a kid is the independent decision-maker would show how important and appealing it’s to be responsible. This includes responsibility for one’s own actions, and responsibilities gained while building connections. Firstly, responsibility for one’s actions shows in the main character’s (your child’s) behavior when finding plastic waste and collecting it. Secondly, gaining responsibility is all about actions addressed to others, such as helping friends and being brave and selfless. In conclusion, your child learns to be responsible and aware of their own interactions with others. 


4. Children are special and important

Yes, it’s so obvious to us that even we forget that children need reassurance, too (not even  talking about adults!) This awareness of their own importance and value is well demonstrated with examples. Our book proves how special and significant they are by showing your child as an independent, responsible, and kind person who develops great friendships and protects the environment. 

Crab Island encompasses ideas that will help your child to become independent, responsible and caring. Meanwhile many books teach morale, with our book your child will visualize themselves since they’re the main character! Crab Island beautifully illustrates how your kid takes an adventure to an Island and proves to be independent and brave enough. These values are crucial for children at a developing stage.


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This book teaches your child to be kind and responsible