How to draw an Alligator

Today we bring you the perfect activity for lovers of drawing and wild animals. If you want to learn how to draw an alligator step by step to do it with children, keep reading. You are at the right place!

Children love wild animals and nature, so they will have a lot of fun learning how to draw a simple alligator.

Alligators are fantastic creatures. Did you know that alligators…

  • They are very long-lived. Although the lifespan depends on the species, they can reach seventy years.
  • They lay many eggs. Crocodiles lay between ten and sixty eggs at a time.
  • They don’t sweat. These reptiles lack sweat glands, therefore they cannot sweat.
  • They have a great ear.
  • The alligators’ bite is the most powerful in the entire Animal Kingdom, it has 1800 kilos of force.
  • They swallow stones, they do it to digest what they eat and it helps them gain weight to dive and swim better

Are you ready now that you know alligators a little more?

These are the materials that you will need before learning how to draw an alligator for kids:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Colored pencils or markers

Once you have the pencil and paper on the table, these are the steps you have to follow to make your alligator sketch. There are many different shapes, as many as crocodiles, so today we bring you two so you can choose the one you like the most.

A crocodile that likes to stand

Step 1: The eyes
Draw two circles together in the middle of the sheet. They will be the eyes of our crocodile.

Step 2: The head
Around the eyes draw the head. It is very easy to draw an alligator head! Don’t know how to draw an alligator head? Imagine an egg or something elongated as if it were an alien.

Step 3: The Mouth
Now it is the turn of the crocodile’s nose. Also draw a long line below that will be the mouth.

Step 4: The Teeth
Draw a line under the mouth and place all the crocodile’s sharp teeth.

Step 5: The Body
Now draw the curve of his belly and an arm.

Step 6: The Leg
After the belly draw a line with one foot.

Step 7: The Tail
Now you only have to finish the crocodile by drawing the tail, the other foot, and all the details you want to add to it. Be creative!

Congratulations! You already have your crocodile ready for you to color it with your favorite pencils.

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Now we are going to see how to draw an alligator that is in the water.

Step 1: Head and Body
Draw two overlapping ovals of different sizes. The smallest will be the head and the most elongated the body.

Step 2: Shape the Circles
Join the two circles with a line below and start shaping the head with some lines that will be the crocodile’s forehead and neck.

Step 3: The Mouth
Below the lines you have drawn, finish shaping the oval of the face by drawing the crocodile’s elongated mouth.

Step 4: The Tail
Behind the circle of the body, draw the tail with two long lines that end at a point.

Step 5: The Legs
Now it is the turn of the crocodile’s legs. Draw them at the end of the second circle.

Step 6: The Final Step
Now you just have to erase the lines that are left over from your drawing with the eraser. Ready to color your crocodile?

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